Flowers have been used since the beginning of time to soothe spaces bringing elegance and beauty to their environments.

Flowers have been used in Fragrance, Home Decor, for Romance, for the Holidays, and for Religions purposes.  Flowers  have been utilized for many reasons. However flowers have a much greater significance than special occasions.

Everyone is a sprouting flower. Everyone has moments in life where they’ve conquered or got conquered by either the fouls of the air, natural causes, or we just may have been a damaged seed that fell on ground but was not fired up enough to grow!  You may have been a bad seed that fell on great ground but could not reap a harvest. Each person goes through phases that we can either learn from or continue to stay stagnant in but it all depends on what we are sowing in our lives.

The stages of plant life are seed life, germination, and growth. Seed life holds a small embryo within itself. An embryo is an unborn process of development waiting to develop into a finished work. Next you have germination that takes place when seed falls to the ground and receives sunlight and water to begin fertilization.

Notice how we all may start out falling to the ground as a seed beginning our growth process but sometimes life gets in the way or we may stunt our growth.

Lastly is budding growth. Petals extend reaching out without apology exemplifying adequacy, fully sufficient, and plentiful finished works.

Whether you fall on good ground or bad ground as a seed what we chose to entertain eventually becomes what we submit to and what we harvest. Submitting is a very precise definition. Webster’s dictionary states submit, submitted, and submitting in two forms. First form states “to give over or yield to the power or authority of another and two to subject to some kind of treatment or influence.”

Plant life submits to its environment and natural causes of its environment. They say April showers bring May flowers but only if the environment showers the grounds to bring flowers. In the same fashion as a flower submits to the environment in hail, rain, sleet, or snow the same applies to us.

Just like the thirst across the earth in hearts of men for purpose and power; or the earnest curiosity of a child learning to read for the first time; or when sperm meets its egg to fertilize and begin creating a beautiful human life, you are a rising flower just waiting to happen!

A sprouting flower just waiting to blossom! A sprouting flower in the making with patience of time embracing each stage, you will surely begin to bud petals towards the sun! So what are you allowing to water your seeds? Where are you planting your seeds?


Writer: MandyBliss

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