Editors Note

Madonna Alexis

  Publisher/ Editor

Madonna has an intense background in Sales, Marketing, and Branding.
Alexis is all about providing an outlet for Real Women who are community leaders.
Her platform showcases inspirational testimonials! Stories that  Empower and Elevate Women’s thinking!
Her background also includes roles as co-founder and event producer of Orlando Swim Fashion Week, currently still in development. However her highest accomplishment thus far is Primadonna Media, whose name is inspired by her lifestyle and  Christian faith.
She strongly believes a Woman should fight to go from ordinary to extraordinary! Fight for the Woman you want to become!
What is a Primadonna? She is not a Diva or Drama Queen! She is not a temperamental person with an inflated view of her own talent or importance. A real Primadonna is from the Italian words meaning ” First Woman or First Lady”. The Leading Lady in an Opera. A true Star! And the question remains Are you a Primadonna?”
A magazine endures by continually reinventing itself” – Madonna Alexis

Fabulously yours,

Madonna Alexis,

Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

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