Editors Note

Hello Fabulous,
“We are so elated to re-launch Primadonna Magazine’s new Website! Primadonnamagazine.com is the definitive authority on all things Fashion, Beauty and Style. On my recent journey into re-branding  Primadonna Magazine  the thought kept hitting me life misses no opportunity. Every opportunity is a life lesson that will shape your destiny.
Darlings please don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones, just run your own race! You should only be competition with yourself, because our Creator always has a plan! Remember He knew you while you were forming in your Mother’s womb…
Primadonna Magazine is a visual muse that strives to inspire it’s readers. Our editorial approach is true Self empowerment, Spiritual enlightenment  powered  by Innovation and Style. Our long term  goal is impacting Women’s lives one day at a time! Primadonna Media is the sub sequential Beyond Beauty Media Brand!  We truly inspire Beauty from Within. Capturing the  true Beauty that’s within you! While Celebrating Women of Every Color!
What is a Primadonna? She is not a Diva or Drama Queen! She is not a temperamental person with an inflated view of her own talent or importance. A real Primadonna is from the Italian words meaning ” First Woman or First Lady”. The Leading Lady in an Opera. A true Star! And the question still remains Are you a Primadonna?”


A magazine endures by continually reinventing itself” – Madonna Alexis -Founder & Editor


Fabulously yours,

Madonna Alexis,

Editor-In-Chief & Publisher

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