Primadonna  Magazine is singularly poised to bring the world of fashion  and beauty one issue at a time. Launched in 2005, Primadonna is a  fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destination for Women who understands Beauty is more than Skin Deep!

Madonna Alexis and her team of Editors and Stylists. Offer stunning visual aesthetic and the latest in fashion, art, and culture, we seek to inspire, inform and entertain. We cover everything from runway fashion and beauty trends to lifestyle ideas, styling tips and trend guides so you can be glamorous, every day is your runway. However our primary focus and passion is our content. Elevating articles that challenge the standard of beauty. Women empowerment is the fiber of our trending articles! We strive to inspire, educate and help women truly understand that true beauty resides from within! And there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just fashion and beauty products! One must cultivate the essence of their soul to the creator to obtain true beauty! Our Fashion and Beauty editorials, will help to transform the way the world views Women of  Color and ultimately transform how we live in our world. Primadonna Magazine is your ultimate guide to a fashionable life. Primadonna  Magazine celebrates Women of Every Color! Our articles focus on fashion, beauty, health, spirituality and relationships.

The magazine is not submission driven however we do features some of the best creative talents and celebrities in the Industry. Primadonna Magazine is an online and print publication. We pride ourselves on delivering alluring articles,inspiring interviews,and captivating Beauty & Style editorials. Our Lifestyle TV show covers major events and shows to the latest happenings around town. While the majority of Primadonna Magazine readers live, work and play in Orlando,Tampa, Miami Florida, the publication has reached audiences in other states from New York to Georgia. Including more than 10 countries around the world. Primadonna Magazine offers inspiring interviews, alluring articles and captivating visuals of fashion and beauty editorials.

Substance and Style is the latest fashion news! This mindset of leading our creative ad campaigns, fashion films, and marketing trends are exciting! Primadonna Magazine is an independent fashion magazine showcasing innovators in fashion, art, music and film through originally produced editorial and photography.


Our mission is to impact Women and to change the way they think about beauty.

Our goal is to widen the perception on what is beautiful?

We are a resourceful tool to help to empower, elevate and educate Women on the issues of inner beauty. In today's world, beauty and wellness are Synonyms. Great mental health is wealth and true beauty is the result!

We seek to provide real solutions to real problems!

We encourage and strengthen Women by inspiring them to be better than they are! The basis is to improve their lives by changing their attitudes and lifestyles. We create a nurturing environment that promotes self love in the world of beauty, fashion, and wellness. This fosters positive growth guided by biblical teaching! Inner beauty comes from self acceptance and being your best. It's your inner confidence that translates to the outside world as attractive. Our belief is that true beauty comes from within. We are the essence of Fashion, Beauty, Style a visual muse that strives to inspire its readers. Impacting women’s lives one at a time!


Through our vision of branding Primadonna Media Group

Our lifestyle philosophy is Substance & Style. We are driven by this principle and is the true essence of this brand. Through our journalistic approach and high standards, we deliver content with passion to our readers and consumers. Trust, building relationships and practicing love is the core aesthetic of our brand. Primadonna Media Group periodicals celebrates Women of every color!. Our mission is to investigate and celebrate beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor. This is the focus and our mindset. We are more than Fashion & Beauty Magazine! Founded in 2005 by Madonna Alexis, a Sales and Marketing and  fashion enthusiast professional with over 20 years experience. Primadonna Media Group began as a project of passion with a vision to fill the void of a fashion Periodicals.  Our vision reflects the way intelligent women approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style. At the heart Primadonna Media Group has international mindset. We are a comprehensive Media brand offering Print and Digital Publications, Lifestyle TV and Radio shows.


“A magazine endures by continually reinventing itself”

Madonna Alexis
Publisher & Editor

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