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Makeup Trends for Summer 2024! The Individualistic Look of HER.

Color beyond the Lines Prima! “ We think the perspective has shifted from a super polished beauty, Women are confident and busy, and that translates to a more simple individualistic look.”
Skin, skin is in! It was the focus almost everywhere. Hyper-glowly skin makes a subtle statement. This is a must-have this summer 2024 season!
“For example, a bold color of your choice liner simply wrapped around the eye or a gentle wash of color over the eyelids finished with fresh, luminous skin is absolutely everything!

The plays on an abundance of color simplistic boldness creations give the iconic blue eyes makeup look fearlessly fresh. Embracing color is an instant mood shift, and Summer 2024 is the perfect time to do so as there is color out there to suit every woman and every skin tone! “It’s not just for the bold or ‘statement makers’ but can be integrated easily into any simple beauty look.”

Beauty tip: “How to make your skin look like glass with makeup?

Steps: To Create an Easy, Wearable Glass Skin Makeup Look
Step One: Lightly Exfoliate With Toner and a Cotton Round.
Step Two: Mist, Avoiding the T-zone.
Step Three: Hydrate Lips With Lip Balm.
Step Four: Moisturize With a Rich, Emollient Cream.
Step Five: Apply a Glowy Foundation or BB Cream.
Step Six: Highlight and highlight again.

Lean towards a paired pink colour look with golden highlights! This makeup trend is gorgeous! The Primadonna team is trying this look and we encourages experimentation. Practice makes perfect! “If you lean towards minimalism, subtle placement is key, we say less is more!

Add some color to your makeup wardrobe Prima, try purple eye makeup ! Using purple on the eyes is pretty easy to do and it’s not too over-the-top. You can go for pastel lavender, bright purple or muted colors of lavenders! Sweep on a shadow in one of these lovely purple shades for day or night.