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Primadonna Magazine offers advertisers regional and national reach. Our interactive digital brand extensions and high touch fashion forward events make us an efficient platform for brands to reach America’s most affluent consumers.

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Advertise with Primadonna 

We are thrilled to introduce Primadonna Media CoLab — This is Primadonna’s  own in-house native advertising studio that will align premium advertisers with engaging, creative content on Primadonna Media Group will oversee and manage native advertising campaigns run through our CoLab.

This premium private advertising exchange is something we are really excited about. Primadonna’’s goal is to meet the advertising needs of premium fashion, beauty, retail and luxury brands by accessing Primadonna’s unique audiences.

We want to align both our native and banner advertising with the brands that matter most to our readers, with content of value.

Interested in advertising on Email for more infomation.

You will be able to download our Media kit after submitting the information, and one of our staff members will follow up with you shortly. If you would like to receive e-mails about Primadonna Magazine’s special advertising opportunities email us at   

Advertising and Sponsorship for Web and Print

We work closely with Sponsors and Advertisers whose content, products and services will be of interest to our community. We provide sponsorship opportunities on the Primadonna Magazine website on a monthly basis and also have tailored sponsorship opportunities built around Primadonna Magazine LIVE events.

We publish text links in exchange for payment which are carefully selected to our brands esthetic. Our ‘advertorial’ content or paid posts are hand selected by our editorial team  .

To request our Media Kit and learn about Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us here



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