If you have curly hair, you know that it can be totally awesome or totally frustrating to let your curls go wild and free.Taking care of your curly mane is an art that can take a while getting it just right. We asked  a few hairstylist, if they  had any tips to make curly hair management, easier.
Here are some of our top tips for getting your ringlets to behave so that you can fully embrace them! From fighting frizzy roots to taming wild ends, curly hair definitely has a mind of it’s own! When we shot this image with Next Model Jasmine Rutledge  for our Spring/Summer issue our Hair Stylist used a hair Diff-user to build more volume! This a great way not to put too much heat on your fragile locks.

Tips For Girls With Curly Hair That Will Change Your Life!

We have Crazy Love For Curls

If you are a member of the crazy curl family, hopefully this blog helps you fall in love with your beautiful head of hair. Keep your hair connected  to tender loving care!

Curly Prep Steps

It’s all in the moisture Curly hair doesn’t like hairbrushes, especially when wet. This seems odd, but something about brushing your hair messes up the formation of the curl. When you get out of the shower, put the hairbrush down. It’ll feel very  strange to begin with, and honestly, your hair will be a bit wild  and unruly at first, but it will, indeed, curl — probably better than it ever has. This is why training and adjustment for both you and your hair is needed. We recommend combing out and  detangling  your hair  with a wide tooth comb before you get in the shower.Nexxus Humectress Shampoo and Conditioner Shampoo and Conditioner, 2 Count, 5.1 Oz

If you are blessed with curly tresses feed that hair what it wants MOISTURE. We recommend using Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner!  Always use a Moisturizing   Shampoo for the cleansing.
We absolutely love Nexxus shampoo for dry hair (Therappe) and also their conditioner (Hummetress). Nexxus Therappe  is the Ultimate Moisturizing Shampoo  and conditioning combo! Both of these are very good!

Saturate your hair with water, do not wring your hair out too much, let the water run free. Use one to two pumps of the  moisturizing Shampoo, gently massage through your hair. Please be advised Sulfate free shampoos are  loaded with moisturizing benefits and oil extracts that help lock that moisture in. Leave it in for up to 2 minutes for the best results. Next up, rinse that hair until it is  shampoo free and gently squeeze out excess water. Conditioner is a must for curly hair and a Moisturizing conditioner is best for curly hair! We recommend you skip one to two days of washing and just use  the leave in Conditioner on those in between days. This helps optimize healthy frizz free curls, trust and believe  moisture is curly hairs BFF.


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Prep styling in the shower

We feel your pain! If you have curly hair, you know that it can be totally awesome or totally frustrating to let your curls go wild and free.  Don’t be afraid to keep those first step styling products in your shower. A combination of  pure Coconut oil and a leave in conditioner in a spray bottle  offers the final kick of thirst quenching moisture for those crazy curls.

Choose your towel wisely

Hey Primadonna! Step away from the towel! Please to avoid cotton cloth towels can buff up the cuticle and create frizz and a dry brittle strands! Microfiber towels are best and your hair will thank you! Microfiber towels actually promote moisture retention (which we know curls want) and leave the hair feeling soft. Remember to scrunch and squeeze excess water out of your curls, avoid that scrubbing and rubbing motion.

Control the Curl

Apply styling products designed to define curl without the crunch.
A lot of styling product have alcohol in them and curly hair wants moisture which alcohol removes, so stay away for those styling product that have the hooch. Luckily today styling products are alcohol free, so a combination of almost any of our styling products will be winners. Some of our favorite combinations are moisturizing gels that add volume or used alone for soft control with a natural finish which can be used on your hair wet or dry to create the perfect definition. For more spring in those curls  always apply product from ends toward scalp in a scrunching motion; this helps keep your curls true to form; if you apply from the scalp down you risk pulling the curl which can cause hair to become fluffy and lose those bouncy defined curls we want. Avoid over touching, let your curls do what they do best, curl.

Heat it up or air it out

Air dry for a natural look, periodically scrunching those curls with your hands. Don’t have time for that and need to speed up your dry time with a hair dryer? A diffuser is a must, this will prevent the dryer from blowing your hair around creating ‘hair explosion’.

 The goal is to give your hair heat to dry without moving it around. Don’t have a diffuser?  This is a must have- item for curly hair girls!

 Must Know Tips for Women with Curly Hair …

 Rule number # 1 air dry when possible! If your hair is as curly as mines, it could take  anywhere from 2-3 hours  to completely dry. Because too much heat is damaging to your curls.  Many girls with natural curls consider it both a blessing and a curse. While your hair can be very voluminous, bouncy and all-around gorgeous, it can often be unruly, dry and difficult to manage. 

Quick tip: When you get home from a day at the beach, make sure you deep condition your hair with an hot oil treatment to put moisture back in your hair! Then sun can be really drying to hair and especially curly hair!


We sincerely  hope this helped!  Do you have any tips for girls with curly hair? Please send us an email at 


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