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DOLCE & GABBANA Blu Mediterraneo Collection Celebrates Authenticity and Fatto a Mano.

Dolce & Gabbana pays homage to the ancient majolica art from Caltagirone in a collection with brilliant shades of white and the deepest of blues. We are obsessed!!!
Welcome to the Blu Mediterraneo Collection! The inspirational Collection is a tribute to the world of artists and artisans inspired by the blue and white tones of traditional Caltagirone Maioliche.

Discover the summer 2022 collection! The outfits and accessories are truly inspired by the latest Blu Mediterraneo collection. The look is everything! So clean, fresh and modern with and old world appeal. The design esthetic can be a true staple for seasons to come! Well done Dolce Gabbana!

This summer of majolica tiles told by Dolce & Gabbana through its Blu Mediterraneo line guides us and invites us to discover iconic pieces. This print and celebrates originality and the handmade, which have always been a key part of the brand’s signature aesthetic! Fabulously Chic and we are here for it! https://us.dolcegabbana.com