Holiday Makeup Trends|Golden Glam


Glow this holiday season with a highlighter and gold tones blush!  Get glowing with a golden, purple highlight and achieve a smokey sultry eye makeup look in 3 easy steps. This image was shot for Primadonna Magazine and Primadonna Cosmetics

Holiday Makeup Trends


Glow this holiday season with a highlight and an bronzer. Get glowing with a golden, purple highlight and achieve this makeup look in  3 easy steps. Then, seal it with a holiday kiss!

Step 1

Apply  eye shadow in  a gold tone with an eye shadow brush to the crease and blend for a perfection transition between the eyelid and brow bone. Then, apply a bronzer all over the lid to achieve a metallic, gold eye look. Add softly a purple eye shadow in the lower part of the lid and  in the outer corners. You must blend back and fourth. Line the top eyelids with a purple eye pencil and the bottom with a brown eyeliner. Now add a different purple eyeliner almost lilac.

Step 2

Take a highlighter which has an  metallic tone add right above the cheekbone then add  a pop of color with a pink lipstick . Please line your lips with a lip liner slightly darker than the lipstick.

Step 3

Complete the look with a matching metallic highlight on cheek bones, bridge of the nose and chin. You can also add on collar bone for a glowing effect! Now for the wow effect add the gold highlighter in the center of the bottom lips for a trending look!

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