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Mara Hoffman Resort 2018 Lookbook

Say Hello To Spring where Less is More

The goal was small but impactful,” explained Mara Hoffman of her newest, one delivery, refined resort 2018 collection. Mara and the team went to the desert where Mara photographed the collection herself, solely on film, able to intentionally set each look and send it out into the world with purpose, abundance, and joy!

Mara Hoffman is one of the chicest designers in New York, Not only does she create cool, vibrant clothes for cool, vibrant women, but she’s on a mission to make her clothes as sustainable as possible, too. (She’s also dedicated to activism and women’s issues,
Her sustainability angle starts with organic fabrics like cotton, linen, as well as specific Eco-friendly production practices. But it also comes down to simply designing and producing less. “We don’t need to offer 12 options in one fabrication anymore,” she explained.
“When you produce all these samples, and a certain percentage of [the pieces] might not even get produced, it just leads to more waste.” Other designers have said as much, but it’s hard to actually make the change and challenge what’s “normal” in the industry. Hoffman’s Resort collection should help pave the way; it made the case for editing, editing, editing a collection to its most essential, irresistible pieces.

Hoffman has been building since last Resort, with an emphasis on clothes you can buy and wear all year round. “This idea that Resort should only be for women going on vacations in November and December . . . I don’t think people are doing that right now,” she said.
If you do have a tropical getaway planned for next winter—or you’re lucky to live in a warm climate—her one-sleeved dresses and wrap-effect jumpsuits should be on your wish list. But if you’re staying home, you can just as easily wear those pieces in colder temps, too, by layering in Hoffman’s new Crayola-hued ribbed knits. Her graphic striped dresses and lavender suit would be particularly tempting on a gray, chilly morning.