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Thanks to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, innovative shopping sites, and top-notch Fashion, Beauty and Style publications (like yours truly!), you can get closer to the everyday lives of insiders, brands and start to pave your own way to your future career in fashion, marketing or just networking.

Working in the fashion industry  or entrepreneurship has always been your goal, getting there can sometimes feel dauntingly and far away. Being part of “ the industry” is easier and more accessible than ever before. Why? The Internet has transformed the way you interact with fashion’s elite, and even provides a savvy way to practice being an insider on your own.

We are building a list of Women who want to connect and collaborate with us! A collaborative effect of original content that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit in Women. Live interactive events for women empowerment that focus on Branding, Business! Our Beyond Brunch will showcase everything from Fashion Beauty and Style !  Get on our VIP List to be the first to be to be invited to our Fashion Forward events and receive discounts on entry tickets! Let’s connect! Email us at [email protected].



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