Our Trending Inspiration|Not promoting Beauty Perfection!

We spent  the last year coming up with creative, awe-inspiring beauty editorials, from colorful make-up  looks to gorgeous hair!Primadonna  Magazine is a  growing publication that seeks to provide diverse looks that real Women  can be INSPIRED by !

These stunning beauty editorial  was shot for our Beauty story Alluring Beauty. Primadonna  Magazine utilizes  a low-key textured look. Raw Beauty images  will be published in Primadonna Magazine. Our inspiration is not promoting beauty perfection! However our goal is to encourage self acceptance! Love the Skin your in! Flaws and All! Yes our professional Fashion Models are beautiful however they are not perfect! And to be completely honest no one is! Perfection is simply boring and unattainable!

The concept of unattainable beauty leaves Women self conscious and miserable! We constantly see these unattainable standards of beauty in the media and it can be quite overwhelming for Women today! From eating disorders, skin bleaching to plastic surgery deaths! Women are bombarded with what the standard of beauty is!  As a FASHION | BEAUTY MEDIA BRAND, we love the industry however we must stop pretending! This Industry is Art, however it’s an illusion! We have a responsibility to our readers and viewers! Our warning labels should read: Please proceed with  extreme caution! To achieve this flawless imagery please be advise this is model was styled professionally! To achieve this look ,we  hired a professional team that consist of Make-up Artist, Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Photographer, Lighting, Graphic Designer …

Photography|Al Rodriguez   

Styling| Primadonna Magazine

Styling| Chic Boss

Hair|Brand Charles

Makeup Artist|Regina McLeod

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