The Runways Were Diverse

The significant increase in diversity each season on the Runway, speaks to the future of fashion! We  hope this will eventually become the norm. This season showed that 31.5 percent of models were nonwhite. We are really  excited to see that no designer cast a show of solely white models, for the first time! This a a great triumph!

Labels  like Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Brandon Maxwell, Emilio Pucci, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren,Fendi, and Tracy Reese featured the most diverse lineups from NYFW. This significant increase in diversity speaks to the future of fashion and the hope that eventually this will become the norm. We are absolutely elated!

The fullsize models  “Inspiration”  down the runway

Christian Siriano and Michael Kors included a plus-size model in their runway shows!  “What we see here in New York has inspired me my whole life,” Micheal Kors said ! Project Runway made a major change this season by including models of all sizes, and Twitter can’t get enough of it.

 Plus-Size Models on the Runway  breathes another dimension of life into the fashion scene. More importantly, this is the first season where over 10% of designer runways included at least  one plus size and model of color!

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