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Fashion Designer’s Look Book “Style Elements “

Elie Sabb

Styling prior to hitting the Catwalk

Vanessa Seward behind the scenes


 Christian Siriano

Colorful shoes,Lace up boots and so much style preparing for the runway show!

Siriano is consistent, creating eye-catching garments that celebrate a woman’s curves instead of hiding them.  These teal pumps paired with  form-fitting dress would be everything!


Take a peep behind the curtain

controlled artistry!

Accessories are known for their vibrant colors and intricate details. … Vibrantly colored were aplenty in  Siriano’s runway show .




Micheal Costello models getting focus for the runway show.

The most surprising detail? That models walked on a runway with a causal elegance, the clothes seem    effortlessly chic and obtainable.

Backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2017

Gaultier runway show was a lot to take in. He remixed Eighties-style with strong-shouldered silhouettes; bolero jackets and sombrero hats; patriotic red, white and blue, and floral prints ranging from daisy patterns to photo prints of poppies and Hawaiian hibiscus motifs. However the mix of style was great to experience! Pushing the  elements  of fashion is always welcomed!