Beyond Beauty Bunch |Business +Branding

About The Event: Girls Compete with Each Other! Women Empower one Another!

The Beyond Beauty Brunch Business + Branding  is a Purposeful and Powerful one day event! Designed to Empower, Inspire and Motivate Women by empowering them with Biblical principles, and a panelist of Women leaders from our communities and beyond.

We sincerely love and adore Women! Our aspirations are for the Primadonna Philosophies
“ We are better together!” and Come let’s grow together!” will resonate with Women Worldwide!
” The Power of  2020 Vision”  Beyond Beauty Brunch Business + Branding offers the latest information on transformative concepts that translate into Empowering Revelations for development on Becoming HER! Which is a Woman Leader in Ministry, Marketing, Business and Branding! Personally and Professional She becomes a PRIMADONNA!
A Real Lady! A Star Rocking Her Crown!

Beyond Beauty Brunch

1st Annual Beyond Beauty Brunch Business|Branding “ The Power of Becoming Her

Keynote Speakers | Women with Purpose + Power!

Ashley Empowers provides a platform to promote positive & healthy relationships to grow and empower individuals worldwide.

Ashley Brown, affectionately known as “Ashley Empowers” is a speaker, entrepreneur, author and top media personality. She is a pioneer within the relationship community and she works daily to change the tone of the conversation about marriage and relationships around the world. She is the Creator & Host of “Dating With Purpose”, a popular series & movement that promotes pursuing healthy relationships with God at the center. On her YouTube channel, “Ashley Empowers”, Ashley has reached millions with her hit broadcast series that are designed to uplift and empower viewers. 

As a passionate speaker, advocate and catalyst for dating with purpose, Ashley is dedicated to social and spiritual uplift. She has shared as a lecturer and inspirational speaker to thousands of women in the United States and Jamaica. She currently travels the country as an empowerment speaker and social media influencer. She received her Executive MBA from Texas Woman’s University and she is happily married to Carrington Brown, her strongest advocate and partner in business. 

Aisha Curry is a Speaker, Author, Brand developer, and Powerologist™

Aisha Curry is quickly on the rise as one of the nation’s top advocates for women empowerment. Curry’s zeal for helping women live their most powerful life and launch successful, purposeful businesses is unmatched. She is the founder of Powerology™, a pioneering, innovative study which aims to develop and focus on the inner power of her clients.

As the founder and president of The Powerology Institute, Curry confidently affirms the success of her Institute’s courses, events, and coaching programs, assuredly equipping women to discover, develop, and boldly move forward in life and business ventures alike. Aisha firmly believes development is determined by shifting one’s mindset from powerless to powerful; from failing to thriving. Curry’s innovative, signature programs include The Powerful Brand System and The Powerful Life Formula.

In addition to being the driving force behind Powerology™, Aisha is the founder of the I’m Just Pretty™ movement. The I’m Just Pretty™ movement embodies the message of self-love and promotes open dialogue and the narrative reconstruction of colorism.

Aisha has appeared on over a dozen radio broadcast programs such as Inside Word 360, Tom Joyner, and Black Voices, to name a few. She has spoken at countless conferences including the Central California Women’s Conference and the Orlando’s Ultimate Girlfriend Experience. and has also authored three books with topics ranging from self-help to personal empowerment.

Candy Escobar Gigante is the Founder and CEO of Radiant You Aesthetics

Candy Escobar Gigante is a leading Licensed Medical Esthetician. She is also the Founder and CEO of Radiant You Aesthetics. She loves to share her knowledge and expertise in skincare and the beautification of Women and Men. Her passion is to make them feel beautiful inside out. She is a Wife, Mother and is the leader of the Women’s Group at her local Church!

Candy leads the ministry-minded Women in Bible Study, Prayer, and Faith sharing. Forming a circle of sisterhood which helps women grow spiritually and empowered which transforms their lives! Candy leadership abilities comes from the perspective of not for the weak modern approach of church leadership! She is sincerely committed to empowering women with biblical principles as they embrace their power and resilience in the face of adversity! She provides the Women with Vision and Direction.

She helps Women navigate through challenges in their lives! “Female leaders should lead with biblical-based confidence! I am honored to have the opportunity to help Women get the clarity they need to live fully and confidently! This is for the benefit of our communities, family, business and entire church.” Her curriculum consists of small group classes which covers self individual reflections, leadership, inspiration and so much more!

As a church leader she shares tools for women to discover their significance, As the keynote speaker her speeches are break-out sessions which are smart, funny, engaging and interactive! Candy navigate the challenges of women ministry with ease and fully understands the mindset of women who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Candy believes Women’s Meetings Groups help to develop real, authentic relationships as they discover more about Jesus. She believes together Women become equipped for the journey of life! And the Women they meet on the way become more like sisters then just girlfriends!

Janie Lacy is the founder of Life Counseling Solutions |Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions

Janie Lacy is America’s Favorite Psychotherapist. She is a nationally known psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor, a nationally certified counselor, and a certified sex addiction therapist. She is also a respected television commentator, author and founder of Life Counseling Solutions in Maitland, Florida. Janie Lacy’s mission is to use her talents and abilities to help people of all ages, stages, backgrounds, and economic levels achieve their maximum potential through fully developing their minds and their talents. Janie’s belief in a relational approach is implemented through her therapeutic treatments addressing the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

For almost 12 years she has been enriching lives through her psychotherapy work and brings credibility and expert knowledge to audiences via on-air appearances.

As a television commentator, Janie connects with viewers, and is sought after for her psychological insights and practical advice on topics ranging from mental health disorders to relationship challenges.  Janie has impacted audiences through various local and national radio, news, and television programs.  For example, she has lent her expertise to national shows such as: The Bill Cunningham Show, Daily Buzz and Emotional Mojo. 

Janie is a popular professional speaker at national industry conferences and has the ability to energize a room while hosting events.  She has authored numerous articles in local and national outlets on sex & love addiction, anger management and relationship & sexual trauma.

 Janie was awarded the “2018 Enterprise Business of the Year” award by the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida

Janie was also selected as one of the Orlando Business Journal (OBJ) “2019 Women of the Year” and is featured in its Spring 2019 issue and honored at the yearly awards ceremony. 

Janie also co-hosts a popular podcast called “Life Unscripted” which can be found on iHeart, iTunes, Spotify and Speaker. 

Angel Richards
I help women de-clutter mentally + emotionally so they can experience more peace, happiness & success.

Angel Richards is a mother of 4, life coach, educator, and entrepreneur. She is also the CEO of Helping Others Transform, as a lifestyle empowerment company dedicated to helping women de-clutter their lives, create breakthroughs and become unstoppable. She is also the leader of the #clutterfree movement that has women worldwide focused on having unlimited clarity, undeniable confidence, and unshakable courage so they can move past their hurts, habits, and hang-ups in life & love. She truly helps women de-clutter mentally + emotionally! Angel is the founder of Clutter Free Society providing classes, coaching and a community of like-minded women who are committed to working on themselves and winning every single day. She is a sought after life coach that has helped thousands of women transform their lives from clutter to clarity. She is also the author of the transformative self-help book Clutter to Clarity: A Simple Guide to Decluttering Your Life, Reaching Your Goals & Living Your Dreams.

” I’m really passionate about helping others transform because that’s what I did to create my biggest breakthrough. I had to overcome my own life challenges, fears and circumstances after being molested, raped, in abusive relationships, being a 2x teen parent, a single mom of 4, going through a divorce and even battling suicidal thoughts. Although moving past the disappointment, devastation and depression wasn’t easy…with God, clarity, confidence, courage, focus, consistency and commitment…I not only survived, I now thrive. AND YOU WILL THRIVE TOO! By developing the habits I’m going to teach you, through it all, I was still able to get a college degree and buy a house by 25. Earn my masters degree and start my first business by 28. And have a successful career in education and retire from it by 35 to run my biz full-time. All as a single mom of 4. Not because I’m special. But because I said I would and I never gave up. Now as a successful life coach, entrepreneur, educator, speaker and author I teach women the simple yet powerful process of getting to their happy place and beyond… ”

Madonna Alexis
Minister| Wife |Mother| Editor| Publisher|Author| Media Lifestyle Brand |Mentor

Madonna Alexis is a Visionary & Entrepreneur as the Editor and Publisher of Primadonna Magazine as seen on the “Real Living with Riva and Secily” TV Talk Show, which aired on the Good Life Channel. The network has been entertaining millions in their homes and digitally throughout the globe since 2013!

Madonna is an Editor, Publisher, Author, Mentor and Television Show Creator, Wife, Mother, Girlfriend most importantly, an Ordained Minister. She was born and raised in New York City and has a flair for cultural things. Her passion is Beauty & Fashion which is her guilty pleasure. However after attending Buffalo University on a full scholarship she focused her efforts in sales and marketing, she looked forward to taking her career to new heights as a trailblazing Editor, Publisher and Producer!

Madonna is a go-getter with a passion to encourage, inspire, and lift up the next generation of storytellers. She is very creative and is a humble leader driven by Purpose, Power and Prosperity. Madonna the Media Maven was born with the gift of gab and inquisitive nature. She truly loves to help inspire Women to live their best life all the while doing it in style! Her journey on becoming an Editor and Publisher Madonna realized the art of beauty is only one of her callings. Her true calling is to Inspire, Empower and Motivate Women! Her goal is to encourage and help Women overcome adversities! She is very familiar with the challenges Women face who are called by God! The difficulties, misfortune, hardship, distress, afflictions, sorrow, heartbreak, pain, loneliness and trauma can be overwhelming! That is why she created “Resiliency in the Face of Adversity” as one of her courses! As an Ordained Minister, her goal is to use her Media Company to Enlighten, Elevate and Empower Women! She says “ Believe in God’s words and let the wisdom of God transform you from the inside out! She passionately believes with God all things are truly possible! Your responsibility is only to believe! ”

Luxurious Designer Wedding Dresses|Bridal Runway Show 2020

Primadonna Magazine will present a glamorous and elegant bridal runway show featuring Stunning wedding gowns! We trawl the latest bridal collections for a selection of the most beautiful wedding dresses for 2020 brides! We have partnered with local Bridal Boutiques through out Central Florida also know as the City Beautiful!

Bridal Beauty + Fashion Trends to Inspire You!

The Biggest Bridal Beauty Trends 2020!

HANDS-ON BEAUTY BRANDING EVENT! Let’s get that highlighted rosy glow look. Add an illuminating pop of colour with a cream blush rather than powder for a warm natural look.

Let’s Beauty Together| Primadonna is hosting Beauty Makeover Classes at Sephora for VIP Ticket holders only! Included $25 Sephora Gift Card to purchase your goodies after classes!

Primadonna Magazine is Empowering Women Through Substance + Style! Beyond Beauty Brunch Business + Branding! ” The Power of 2020 Vision ” is a Transformative Experience Designed to Inspire and Empower Women to take action! Our innovative events are designed to help transform how Women think! We believe simply by changing the way you think and the words you speak will change your life! However the transformative process can be a long journey! Our teachings are Purposeful + Powerful! Primadonna’s Programs +Process are truly impactful and will help change your Life! Women of Power are developed and to achieve Women’s Empowerment takes courage, strength and the ability to walk in authenticity! Even if you have to go alone! The key to modern storytelling is to be more straightforward that means you walk the talk. You ARE branding you. It means that you’re telling your story because you BELIEVE IT – better yet, because you’ve LIVED IT.

Providing tools and resources for Spiritual Entrepreneurial Women! True creative expressions which can lead to authentic Women’s Empowerment! Our goal is simple we want Women to make decisions, based on who they are called to be by God! Unapologetically build an authentic brand that belongs to them! And as they run and grow their business they make impact in the world! The goal is to curate content for her that provides Customized Brand Identity! The Primadonna Experiences is a Lifestyle of Transformation and Entrepreneurship! We understand life’s adversities can really paralyze Women! Our passion is to give Women opportunities and resources to make changes from within as they rebuild their mindset! Which will transform their Personal + Professional lives! We understand overcoming life’s adversity is not necessarily easy! Primadonna offers a community of like-minded Women who have walked through their own fires! And now are overcomers! The Primadonna Perception+ Perspective is our Father is a King! That makes us Royalty! So we must begin to act and walk from that Position! Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns! That’s absolutely right PRIMADONNA Rock Your Crown!

” The Power of Becoming HER”


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Beyond Beauty Bunch Experience

Get Inspired by Celebrity Make-up Tutorials!

Presented by Primadonna Magazine

Demonstrator GLITZ N GLAMZ COSMETICS (Meet Elizabeth Owner)

 Learn How to get that J-Low Glow with Airbrush Tanning

Demonstration By Catalyst Salon Meet and Greet Salon Owner & Educator Jena Lynn Mehlberg

 Get The Look

Presented by: Fashion Designer De Johnea Thorpe


 Celebrity Makeup Artist, Educator Founder of Love your Beauty University Mimi Foxx

Angelika Lynn 


Soft & Sultry |Makeup Artistry

The Art of Beauty

Primadonna Cosmetics

” How to Glow from Within” & Basic Skincare 101

Presented by Toya Thorpe with Toying With Makeup & Rodent + Fields

 Boris Douglas Garbe Gallerist Talks Art

Wonderful Commentary Featured Artist Felix Royett!

About The Event: Girls Compete with Each Other! Women Empower one Another! The Power of Becoming Her is a Purposeful and Powerful one day event! The Beyond Beauty Brunch is designed to Empower, Inspire and Motivate Women by empowering them with Biblical principles from a panel of Women leaders from our community.

Beyond Beauty Brunch offers the latest information on transformative concepts that translate into Empowering Revelations for development on Becoming Her! Which is a Woman Leader in Ministry, Marketing, Business and Branding! Personally and Professional she becomes a PRIMADONNA! Yes there is Beauty for your Ashes!

We hope you will  join us! Purchased your tickets below! For more information or sponsorship opportunities please email

JULY 11th-14th, 2019
The Bungalow Pop-up Experience, featuring Resortwear, Beauty, Jewelry and Accessories by: Aloha Collection, Chopard, Olivela and Tropic of C.
Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Paraiso Kick-off Cocktail Party | Camp Conscious Wellness Activation | LoveSweatFitness Workout Session
July 10

Monday Swimwear Brunch | Agua Bendita X Yanbal Cocktail Party | Paraiso Upcycle Challenge Presentation, Natasha Tonic X Miami City Ballet School | Chopard Cocktail Reception | PARAISO Welcome Dinner hosted by Chopard and Cultured Magazine | Miami International University of Art & Design Swim Show

Destination: Ipsy Beauty at Collins Park | Dr. Roebucks Yoga class, Breakfast and Panel Discussion: Living Your Maximized Life | Monday Swimwear Fashion Show | Aguaclara Fashion Show | Iorane Dinner | Sinesia Karol Dinner hosted by Cultured magazine | Agua Bendita Fashion Show | Style Saves Fashion Show

Destination: Ipsy Beauty at Collins Park | Morning Wellness event at Brickell City Centre | Izipizi X Sunny Life Pool Party | Monica Hansen Fashion Show | Acacia Fashion Show | Luli Fama Fashion Show | Sinesia Karol Fashion Show | Badgley Mishka Fashion Show

Destination: Ipsy Beauty at Collins Park | Eco Standards and Global Environment Panel Discussion | Fashion Showcase featuring Australian designers: TJ Swim, VDM the Label, Vincija Swim, Lahana Swim, Lil & Emm, Aqua Blue, and Sage Swim| Chloe Rose Fashion Show | Maaji Fashion Show

Art Hearts Fashion is a leading platform for designers and artists to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting. Our events have been held coast to coast as a national platform for designers to showcase in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and beyond. Founded in 2011 by philanthropist and designer Erik Rosete, AHF has grown to become a top platform in the art & fashion community. Catch the Primadonna Magazine Media Team at MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2019!
JULY 12th – 15TH
Don’t miss the three biggest days in the industry when the worldwide beauty industry gathers in Orlando,Florida on June 1-3, 2019, for the Premiere Orlando Trade-show!

Mark your calendars, The Primadonna Team will be at Premiere Orlando! They are back at the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center from June 1-3, 2019 and they will have some of the industry’s newest products all under one roof
! This is so exciting! We cant wait!
Please click on link any below for more information.

Catch the Primadonna Magazine Media Team at Miami Fashion Week: The Experience on
Wed, May 29, 5 PM – Sun, Jun 2, 9 PM

MIAFW is dedicated to cultivating the fashion industry in Miami and positioning the city as a high-quality fashion hub. We are proud to be the first fashion week solely dedicated to showcasing Resort Cruise Collections while simultaneously focusing on echoing the message to a broader audience through the production of quality content. MIAFW takes advantage of the strong and diverse connection Miami has built between Latin America and the United States. MIAFW also encourages the furthering of the essence of Miami’s ever-growing population of artists and designers.

The Primadonna Magazine Experience

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